September Highlights: Short Version

September Highlights: Long Version

Move the Chi for Racial Solidarity  (en Español)   (中文)

Experience Cultural PracticesExperience Cultural Practices for LiberationSunday, Sept 26th, 2021 | 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM PST (agenda below)

Join us inJoin us in person and masked at * Visitacion Valley Playground263 Leland Ave, San Francisco

The increase inThe increase in violence against Native, Black, Brown, Asian, Pacific Islander folks across the country is the impetus for this Move the Chi event to promote internal, interpersonal and collective wellbeing and solidarity between Asian, Black and Brown communities.

Event will feature various forms of resilience medicines for the body, mind and spirit from different cultural practices. These cultural practices help us move through rage, fear or shame and foster joy, unity and collective action against all forms of racism and violence. Stagnancy creates dis-ease in our bodies and communities; flow creates restoration and vitality! 

Join us to experience these offerings of Qigong, Sound Healing, African Drumming and Hot Siva-Polynesian Dance, acupressure ear seeds, herbal medicines, and safety kits. 

This event isThis event is appropriate for ALL ages and all levels. Spanish and Cantonese interpretation. Chairs available for those who wish to participate sitting down.  

Bring a mask, water and wear comfortable shoes. Observe COVID protocols. 

Together may we join as one and build safe, resilient and welcoming communities for all residents.

PARKING: Plenty of free street parking in nearby residential area.

1:00 - Arrive

1:15 - Welcome

1:30 - Qigong Opening Circle

2:15 - Sound Healing Circle

2:40 - Simultaneous Activities: Drum Circle, Hot Siva, Qigong, Origami Crane Folding, Healing Area (Acupressure, Massage, Reiki, Herbal Tinctures)

3:30 - Closing Circle

3:45 - Dance Party/Continue to visit resource tables!

4:00 - Clean Up

Practitioners and Teachers:  

Emcee (Master of Ceremony) Sasanna Yee:  Sasanna is Special Projects Coordinator of Visitacion Valley Yik Oi Park at Chinese Progressive Association. After her 89 year old grandmother Yik Oi Huang’s life was taken, Sasanna transformed pain into compassionate action to be the change she wants to see in the world through education, arts/culture, spirituality, wellness and social justice. Sasanna was the recipient of the 2019 Raymond Shonholtz Visionary Peacemaker Award for her anti-violence advocacy and innovative approaches to bring diverse people together for understanding, reconciliation, and celebration. 

CHI: CULTURE, HISTORY, IDENTITY: by Eddy Zheng: Eddy is a motivational speaker for racial justice and cross-cultural healing who supports Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders harmed by violence and the unjust immigration and criminal justice systems.

QIGONG led by James Damiani and Deborah Lee. This is a Chinese healing art of gentle movements, breath and the cultivation of energy. James teaches qigong to embody personal acceptance, core stability, and the celebration of life. Deborah is a social justice and tai chi practitioner who will share movements from the Move the Chi for Multiracial Solidarity set.

SOUND HEALING led by Nyree Young: Listen deeply and let the sounds reverberate through your being. Nyree is a singer-songwriter that plays acoustic guitar, bass, djembe, and a number of percussive instruments. Nyree is on a path creating space for all of us to connect back to our ancestors, nature and back to each other using her voice, sound and vibration in hopes of continuing healing in the world.

HOT SIVA led by Neo Veavea: This is a low impact, stretching movement set to Polynesian music. Siva in the Samoan language means Dance. Neo, a certified Polynesian aerobic instructor, created Hot Siva for the Boomer Generation, Elders, and people with disabilities. Walkers are provided.

AFRICAN DRUMMING led by Kele Nitoto: You will learn to drum! Through music and storytelling, Kele weaves an unforgettable experience sharing the importance of drum and song ritual in the African diaspora culture.

HEALING AREA Practitioners: Rebekah Olstad, Audrey Inouye, Amy Hess and others will lead a healing area which will include acupressure ear seeds, massage, intentional crane folding, reiki energy healing, and herbal remedies.

Gratitude for event sponsors: Chinese Progressive Association, Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity, NAPIESV, SFAAACD, BAWTF, Xtreme Giveaway, Communities As One, Chinese Medicine and Magic, Third Culture Bakery, Vibes & Smiles, Community Care Herbal Response Project, and OUR MANY VOLUNTEERS!  

*Visitacion Valley Playground is the site where grandmother Yik Oi Huang was fatally attacked in 2019. The community is currently petitioning to rename the park as "Yik Oi Huang Peace and Friendship Park".

Healing Practitioners and clients will be masked at all times; hands, tables, chairs will be sanitized between clients, and disposable face cradles will be used. 

Participants, please be mindful of our COVID guidelines:


You are not experiencing any symptoms including fever, cough, sneezing, runny eyes or runny nose;

You have not knowingly been exposed to COVID-19 within the past 14 days; and

You are not high-risk for exposure (i.e. immuno-compromised) or have someone high risk in your household


When you arrive at the action, you will be asked to use hand sanitizer and for temperature check.

Always wear your face mask and make sure your nose and mouth are covered, except when eating/drink

We encourage you maintain some social distancing between you and any other person, including any fellow volunteers, unless given consent to be any closer and for only short periods of time

LISTEN to event organizers and follow directions around health and safety announcements.